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Selway Fisher ‘Grace Hawar’ Longboat


Designed by the Selway Fisher company, she was built for a Dutch client in 1998. Hull constructed of epoxy glued plywood, stitched and taped with sheathed plywood deck structure. 2 mast gunter rig, built in buoyancy and comfortable seating for 6. Complete with a trailer and 9.9hp Yamaha outboard, she also has a boom tent and can be used for camping. Very stable with good performance, a cracking lightweight boat for exploring rivers and coasts. New overall cover 2019.

  • Designer: Selway Fisher Design
  • Builder: J Holiday, Hayling Island
  • Year: 1998
  • Location South Devon
  • Length on deck: 21'4
  • Beam: 6'7
  • Draft: 1'8/4'5 centreboard down
  • Tonnage(TM): Wt 450 kg

Mallard sailing dinghy


Mallard sailing dinghy built at the Lyme Regis Boatbuilding school in 2012 . Only used a handful of times since first launched she is in very tidy condition and ready for the summer. Built from epoxy glued marine plywood with hardwood thwarts and trim. Varnished inside and out. Gunter rig with mainsail and jib. On a galvanised road trailer and ready to be towed away

  • Designer: Andrew Wolstenholme
  • Year: 2012
  • Location Dorset
  • Length on deck: 12'
  • Beam: 5'
  • Draft: 3' plate down

Traditional Gunter rig dinghy


A traditional gunter rigged dinghy which was originally fitted with a Stuart Turner inboard. The present owner has carried out a lot of work including a new mast and many new ribs. She comes with a complete rig, all over cover and a custom road trailer.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Builder: Lavers of Dartmouth
  • Year: 1931
  • Location Emsworth, Hants
  • Length on deck: 15'
  • Beam: 6'
  • Draft: 1' centreboard raised

Ian Oughtred Tammie Norrie class


The Tammie Norrie is in our opinion one of Oughtreds best designs, easily rowed, capable of carrying a decent load and beautiful to handle under sail. This one was built by the owner to a good standard and has been lightly used on the Cumbrian lakes. Recently re-varnished and ready to go, she is on a galvanised road trailer with a piggy back launching trolley all in good condition. Great little package to get afloat this summer without breaking the bank.

  • Designer: Ian Oughtred
  • Year: 2014
  • Location Cumbria
  • Length on deck: 13'6"
  • Beam: 4'5"

12′ traditional clinker launch


Traditional varnished clinker launch with inboard Stuart Turner Petrol engine. An exceptionally pretty pre-war boat, fully restored with a rebuilt Stuart engine. Built in Dartmouth before WWII as a hire boat on the river, engine fitted in the 1950's. Rebuilt by previous owner, in lovely condition and ready to use. A real little gem to be cherished and enjoyed. Engine recently overhauled and in fine working condition.

  • Designer: traditional
  • Builder: Lavers of Dartmouth
  • Year: 1935
  • Location Dartmouth
  • Length on deck: 12'
  • Beam: 4'3"
  • Draft: 12"

Ian Oughtred Acorn rowing dinghy


15' Ian Oughtred Acorn rowing skiff, built by a very skilled amateur in 1998 and used very little since then. Complete with 2 pairs of oars, cover and road trailer, she is a complete package ready to be towed away and used this summer. Built from Robins Elite marine plywood glued with epoxy, all varnished mahogany fit out including stem and keel, gunnels, thwarts and transom. A nice example in lovely condition, a superb way to get afloat this summer.

  • Designer: Ian Oughtred
  • Year: 1998
  • Location Gloucester
  • Length on deck: 15'1"
  • Beam: 3'11"

Acorn 15 rowing boat


A nice example of Ian Oughtreds Acorn 15' rowing skiff, an elegant and easily rowed skiff built using a strong yet lightweight epoxy plywood method of construction. The 15' version has a lot more capacity than the standard 12', able to be rowed by 2 people with a passenger and space for gear, including dry storage in the water tight compartments fore and aft. She is also easily rowed by just 1 person if desired.

  • Designer: Ian Oughtred
  • Builder: M Lee
  • Year: 2014
  • Location Dorset
  • Length on deck: 15' 2
  • Beam: 4'

Clinker sailing dinghy


A pretty clinker sailing dinghy, planked in Pitch Pine on oak frames. Professionally refitted in 2018, looking smart and ready for the summer. Simple rig with a bermudan mainsail and no jib, hull varnished inside and out. On a road trailer with new wheels and bearings.

  • Location Glasgow
  • Length on deck: 13'6"
  • Beam: 5'6"

15′ sailing dinghy


An interesting 15' clinker sailing dinghy, built in 1947. Refitted by present owner in the 1990's with all new steamed timbers fitted. Appears to be in good solid condition, complete with an excellent road trailer, boat cover and gunter rig with nice Jeckells sails. An exciting boat to sail, a complete package ready to get the family out on the water.

  • Builder: Smith and Gibbs, Eastbourne
  • Year: 1947
  • Location East Midlands
  • Length on deck: 15'

Purbrook 10 Clinker sailing dinghy


Purbrook 10 clinker sailing dinghy built in Christchurch in 1946. Tidy dinghy with a gunter rig, varnished inside and out. Complete with rig, oars and launching trolley. Road trailer included if desired by the buyer.

  • Builder: Chas Purbrook
  • Year: 1946
  • Location Cornwall
  • Length on deck: 10'