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Silvers Bermudan Sloop


Recently came 1st in class in the Round the Island Race. New mast fitted 2018. A prototype bermudan sloop from the hand of John Bain, known more for his impressive motor yachts. Built by Silvers in 1935, the media saw this type of boat as the future of yachting, a practical, pretty and comfortable sailing yacht with a lot of volume for her length and good sailing performance. Major rebuild in present ownership including new engine, rigging and sails as well as framing and planking. A very tidy little yacht, easily capable of cross channel sailing and coastal cruising with plenty of volume for comfortable living.

  • Designer: John Bain
  • Builder: Silvers, Rosneath
  • Year: 1935
  • Location Hants
  • Length on deck: 22'6"
  • Beam: 7'6"
  • Draft: 4'
  • Tonnage(TM): 4 tonnes disp.

Harry Feltham gaff cutter


Designed and built by Harry Feltham although the year is unknown. Rescued from the beach by the present owner, a retired shipwright, and rebuilt by him including work to the hull, new deck, bulkheads and interior, new mast and replacement rigging and a complete new cockpit. Fitted with a twin cylinder Albin petrol engine. An interesting boat with a very spacious and comfortable cockpit and good space below decks.

  • Designer: Harry Feltham
  • Builder: Harry Feltham
  • Location Devon
  • Length on deck: 22'6"
  • Beam: 7'2"
  • Draft: 4'

Gaff Cutter


A very pretty traditional boat which was built as a smaller version of a Breton sailing fishing boat, She was the last boat built by Ed Matthews at Ferris & Blank yard in Dartmouth. Mahogany on oak and rock elm, copper fastened. A capable sea boat which the present owners have sailed up and down the south west coast but they now require a larger boat.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Builder: Ferris & Blank, Dartmouth
  • Year: 1965
  • Location Dartmouth
  • Length on deck: 20'6
  • Beam: 8'4
  • Draft: 3'6

Sennen Cove Lugger


Built by the Falmouth Marine School students under professional supervision, she is based on the traditional Sennen Cove Lugger. Larch on oak, long keel, 2-masted with dipping lug on the mainsail and standing lug on the mizzen. Inboard Beta diesel, two rowing positions. A solidly built stable boat but light enough to be towed. Ideal for exploring estuaries or inshore sailing in summer.

  • Designer: Traditional
  • Builder: Falmouth Marine School
  • Year: 2004
  • Location S E Cornwall
  • Length on deck: 22'4
  • Beam: 7'8
  • Draft: 3'

5 ton Hillyard


One of the smaller yachts built by David Hillyard in Littlehampton, launched in 1957, she is 5 Thames Tonnes. Bought by the present shipwright owner in 2015, she had a small refit with some structural repairs carried out before being sailed to Kent where she is now based. Easily managed yacht with 4 berths, heads and galley. 2010 Beta Marine 14hp diesel. A fine little cruising boat for sensible money.

  • Designer: David Hillyard
  • Builder: Hillyards
  • Year: 1957
  • Location Kent
  • Length on deck: 25'6"
  • Beam: 7'6"
  • Draft: 5'
  • Tonnage(TM): 5TM

Lymington Slipway 5 ton Bermudan Sloop


The Lymington Slipway 5 tonner was a bermudan sloop designed for coastal cruising and competitive one design racing. This boat was built between 1977 - 1979 as a retirement project and sailed every summer in her early years to the Baltic. Major refit in 2012 with new engine, electrics and a major cosmetic overhaul. 5 berths with good headroom, she is a smart and easily handled yacht in tidy condition.

  • Designer: George Kennedy O'Brien
  • Builder: C Plummer
  • Year: 1979
  • Location Pembroke, Wales
  • Length on deck: 26'6
  • Beam: 7'3
  • Draft: 4'6
  • Tonnage(TM): 5

Kim Holman Stella


Kim Holman Stella design, built in 1960 by Tucker Brown. The Stella is thought to have been based on the Folkboat except they have more volume and are more capable boats. This one has had some major refit work carried out including some replacement planking, new keel bolts and a new engine. She is sitting on a heavy duty road trailer that can be towed with a Land Rover or similar making her mobile and potentially cheap to run. A very capable small boat with lovely pedigree, in need of some finishing and tidying up.

  • Designer: Kim Holman
  • Builder: Tucker Brown
  • Year: 1960
  • Location Devon
  • Length on deck: 25'9"
  • Beam: 7'6"
  • Draft: 3'10"

4 ton Hillyard


4 ton Hillyard built in 1959, one of the smaller boats built by Hillyards but still a very capable and easy to handle local cruising boat. Sailed easily by one person but with 3 berths, separate heads and galley. Well cared for in present ownership, offered at a low price due to owner circumstances. A lot of cheap fun on the water

  • Designer: David Hillyard
  • Builder: Hillyards
  • Year: 1959
  • Location Cardiff
  • Length on deck: 22'6"
  • Beam: 7'6"
  • Draft: 4'
  • Tonnage(TM): 4TM

Harrison Butler Zyklon Class


Harrison Butler designed bermudan cutter. She is the hull of a Z4 tonner with raised topsides. This variation of the Z4 was designed by Cpt O.M. Watts and created a small manageable boat with far more internal volume, only 10 boats were built like this. Major refit in 2013 with a new mast and new deck sheathing, hull stripped to bare wood, re-caulked and repaired as necessary. Sailed from Shetland to Cornwall in 2016 and used extensively around the Cornish coast. Very solid structural condition, 2013 survey available.

  • Designer: Harrison Butler
  • Builder: Probert Brothers, Swansea
  • Year: 1950
  • Location Cornwall
  • Length on deck: 21'
  • Beam: 7'
  • Draft: 4'

Gaff Cutter


An unusual and very interesting yacht where all the hard work has been done but in need of some finishing and a lot of tidying up, for sale at a very reasonable price. Built by Frazier of Mevagissey in 1914 as a yacht, one of only two boats built as yachts on the lines of his working boats that more commonly graced the slipway in the sheds commonly known as Mevagissey Toshers. A vast amount of work has been done and she has a lot of good gear and equipment on her including all new sails, rigging and engine, however there is of course more to do and be jobs to be completed to get her in sailing condition. This is a project which requires plenty of man hours rather than a huge investment of cash so would be ideal for a skilled amateur with time to put into her.

  • Designer: Frazier
  • Builder: Frazier
  • Year: 1914
  • Location Devon
  • Length on deck: 22'7''
  • Beam: 7'5''
  • Draft: 4'8''