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So you want to buy a boat - 3

February 21st 2017

So you want to buy a boat – 3. Survey is the next major hurdle and absolutely essential.  Even for an experienced yachtsman, a time-served boat-builder and with money to spare we are all prone to an attack of starry-eyes. But get it all down in black and white by an independent observer, good...


Looking for a lifestyle change

January 31st 2017

Sailing is one of the great escapist past times and allows people to dream of a different life which is as far removed from their day to day monotony as it is possible to be.  Some people in their younger years step into the world of super yachts where they polish brass on a floating hotel, and some people simply...

Survey lift

So you want to buy a boat- 2

January 9th 2017

So you want to buy a boat- 2.  The Second installment of Peter Gregsons notes on buying a yacht Last time, we looked at buying a boat privately or through a broker.  Following the broker route, keep in mind that up to the point when you decide on a particular boat the broker is there to offer you...


So you want to buy a boat?

December 16th 2016

Peter Gregson, who started Wooden Ships Yacht Brokers nearly 40 years ago, will be writing a series of blogs entitled "So you want to buy a boat?" about the process of buying a yacht, what to look out for and how to make the whole process as smooth as possible.  Part 1 of this series starts...

IMG_7127 (Copy)

Summer in full swing.

July 18th 2016

Summer is here at last, the weather is fine and everyone is out boating it seems.  The new Wooden SHips commercial pontoon on the river Dart is working very well, the only issue being the lack of space with so many boats on it already.  We are going to hold fire on a second pontoon for the moment but it seems to be...


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